Why a Diamond is Forever....

Tons of rock must be crushed to find one little diamond.

When it comes from the ground, a diamond is only a dull crystal.
But if in it's rough form it is to be judged to be of high quality, it is chosen to be part of the small percentage that are gem diamonds.

85 times harder than a ruby or sapphire, it needs another diamond to cut it. 

Cutting is a long, painstaking process, involving a thin disc coated with oil and diamond dust. It is also an expensive process, since about half of the original rough diamond is lost during the work. This loss comes from the cutter's effort to give the diamond its most beautiful shape and to remove natural imperfections.

58 Facets are created to give it three characteristics unlike any gem on earth.

 These 58 facets give each diamond three very special qualities. Brilliance - the reflection of light back onto the eye of the beholder. Fire - the division of light into colors of the spectrum. And Scintillation - the power to twinkle at the slightest move.

No matter how big or small a diamond is, it carries the weight of 3,000 years of legends.

The biggest diamonds like the Hope and the Great Star of Africa aren't the only ones that have earned wide renown through the centuries.

Queen Victoria, who owned many fantastic jewels, favored her tiny diamond engagement ring given to her by Prince Albert. And one of the most memorable tributes in history was a small diamond given by Victor Hugo. Moved to tears by a performance of Sarah Bernhardt's, he gifted her with a diamond drop, to symbolize his tear.

A diamond if forever. A big promise for one little diamond to live up to.

Taken from below the earth, every diamond is crafted to become the most cherished gem on earth. Beautful, individual and indestructible, like the love it symbolizes.